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1963 Timesharing - A Solution to Computer Bottlenecks.mkv 29-Dec-2019 20:37  125.9M
MIT Science Reporter—"Computer for Apollo" (1965).mp4 29-Dec-2019 21:09  95.2M
Steve Jobs brainstorms with the NeXT team (1985).mp4 11-Aug-2017 20:17  58.7M
Steve Jobs talks marketing strategy in an internal NeXT video (1991)-HNfRgSlhIW0.webm 29-Nov-2013 18:14  41.7M
Tribute to Dennis Ritchie, from BBC Radio 4-CT4EBpLsAEY.webm 27-Oct-2011 05:54  6.8M
UNIX - Making Computers Easier To Use -- AT&T Archives film from 1982, Bell Laboratories-XvDZLjaCJuw.webm 27-Jan-2014 19:52  91.1M